Organic, Free-Range Chicken in Buffalo, Western New York

If you have never tasted organic poultry raised on pasture, you don’t know what you’re missing! Our birds’ incredible taste is due to the healthy environment and activity that is part of their everyday routine. At Erba Verde Farms 0ur Cornish Cross chickens have the freedom to naturally forage and their diet is supplemented by soy-free organic feed, resulting in delicious and tender meat.

Free Range Chickens are Healthier!

  1. You are not just what you eat. You are what you eat also ate! At Erba Verde Farms, our chickens eat the natural diet that is organic and allows them to eat a full range of nutrients. 
  2. Organic Free-Range Chicken is high in protein and low in fat. One free-range chicken breast contains over 50% of your recommended daily protein intake and has very little fat!
  3. More of the good, none of the bad: Pastured Meat contains more Omega-3 Fatty acids, more Vitamins specifically A and E. While having no antibiotics or artificial hormones. 

Erba Verde Farms, Free-Range Chicken in Western New York

Pastured Chickens are Happier!

  1. At Erba Verde Farms we believe in organic free range chicken. Free-Range means our chickens live there natural lifestyle, eat their natural diet(grass and bugs), get fresh air and sun while roaming open pastured with other chickens.
  2.  Conventional store-bought chickens often never see the light of day, live in harsh conditions, often carry pathogens, and are fed antibiotics to speed their growth rate. We don’t support this or believe animals should be treated this way, which is why we do it the right way with respect for animals.
  3. Happier and Healthier you! Studies show Free-Range chicken taste better, but you won’t need studies to prove that once you try it. Also, a healthier chicken means a healthier you and life is so much better when you have your vitality!

Erba Verde Farms Chicken

Pastured Chicken in Buffalo, NY

Chicken is sold either whole or butchered into a breast, thigh, leg, and wing portions. The chickens are vacuum packed in a heavy plastic shrink wrap for storage up to two years to prevent freezer burn.

Fresh (not frozen) chickens are available at the farm on the day they are harvested (see dates below), or frozen chicken can be picked up or delivered all year round. Pre-order discounts are available; see order form for details.

2018 fresh chicken pickup dates

  • July 25

  • August 29

Please indicate your date preference(s) on the order form and the quantity you’d like on each date.


Thanksgiving Turkeys

A true holiday centerpiece – organic turkey raised on pasture, supplemented with certified organic grain. Active birds produce wonderfully rich, flavorful meat that stays moist while roasting and makes excellent gravy! Unfrozen turkeys can be picked up three days before Thanksgiving. We sell out every year, so please reserve your bird with a $50 deposit by July 1 or sooner!

To order chickens or reserve a turkey, please see our PDF order form.