At Erba Verde Farms, our pigs live out on pasture and move to fresh grass regularly to help them stay clean and healthy. A pastured pig does what God intended for it to do – root, dig, and run. The result is savory organic pork that is well-marbled and darker in color. When we do need to supplement their diet with grain, we use only soy-free organic feed. Pork is available in frozen cuts such as roasts and chops, or as cured/charcuterie offerings like ham, bacon, and sausage.

As with all of our products, Erba Verde Farms grass-fed beef and veal are available for pick up at several locations around Buffalo and Western New York as well as the farm’s location in East Aurora.

Organic Pastured Pig in Western New York

Better for the land, the pigs, and you!

  1. Pasture-raised pork is better tasting! Once you try the rich taste of pastured pork, you never want to switch back to conventional flavorless pork that is found in stores.
  2. Pasture-raised pork has more nutrients than conventional pork! Our pigs eat roots, grass, bugs, grubs, nuts, and other foods as a part of there natural diet meaning you consume more nutrients when eating pastured pork, including higher Omega-3 Fatty Acids (up to 200% more than convention pork), Vitamin D and E, higher in heart-healthy Mono-unsaturated fats.
  3. Fewer Toxins is always better for your health and the pastured pigs! Erba Verde’s pigs are free from antibiotics since they are much less likely to carry diseases due to their natural, healthy diet and open, clean living environment. The pastured pigs on our farm are never given artificial hormones to speed up their growth; we let nature take its time.

For a full list of pastured pork cuts, please see our PDF order form.