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pasture-raised chicken

If you have never tasted poultry raised on pasture, you don’t know what you’re missing. Our birds’ incredible taste is due to the healthy environment and activity that are part of their everyday routine. Our Freedom Ranger chickens have ability to naturally forage, making their signature dark meat delicious, tender, and more flavourful than other chicken breeds commonly available.

  1. You are not just what you eat. You’re also what you eat ate! Our chickens eat a natural diet that allows them to eat a full range of nutrients.

  2. Pasture-raised chicken is high in protein and low in fat. One pasture-raised chicken breast contains over 50% of your recommended daily protein intake and has very little fat.

  3. More of the good, none of the bad: Pastured Meat contains more Omega-3 Fatty acids, more Vitamins specifically A and E. While having no antibiotics or artificial hormones.

  1. We believe in pasture-raised, free-range chicken. Free-range means our chickens live their natural lifestyle: eat their natural diet (grass and bugs), get fresh air and sun, all while roaming open-pastured with other chickens.

  2. Conventional store-bought chickens often never see the light of day, live in harsh conditions, often carry pathogens, and are fed antibiotics to speed their growth rate. We don’t support this or believe animals should be treated this way, which is why we do it the right way, with respect for our animals.

  3. Happier and healthier you! Studies show free-range chicken taste better, but you won’t need studies to prove that once you try it. Also, a healthier chicken means a healthier you and life is so much better when you have your vitality.

Our chicken is sold either whole or butchered into a breast, thigh, leg, and wing portions. The chickens are vacuum packed in a heavy plastic shrink wrap for storage up to two years to prevent freezer burn.

Fresh (not frozen) chickens are available at the farm on the day they are harvested (see dates below), or frozen chicken can be picked up or delivered all year round. Pre-order discounts are also available; please see our order form for complete details.

If you are interested in reserving one of our soy-free organic chickens, click here to fill out the form.

grass-fed beef

At Erba Verde Farms we have several options for healthy Grass-Fed beef for the wonderful people of Buffalo, NY. Erba Verde Farms is happy to offer individual retail cuts. Bulk beef quarters, halves and wholes are ordered directly from our partner farm – Legacy Pastured Beef. Click an option below for more information.

Not all beef is created equal. Grass-fed beef is actually the most nutrient dense form of protein you can consume! Remeber you are not only what you eat, but you are what you eat ate. Cows are meant to eat grass (like at Erba Verde Farms) not corn or soy (like most conventional store-bought meat).

  1. Grass-Fed Beef is lower in calories yet higher in nutrients when compared to conventional beef- Including higher healthy fats like Omega-3s and CLA, as well as higher in vitamins and minerals like vitamin E, vitamin A, B vitamins, potassium and is a great source of dense protein.

  2. Grass-Fed Beef can help lower risk of cancer and heart disease- Since it is lower in LDL cholesterol, which is the bad cholesterol, and also contains CLA which is clinically proven to ward off cancer and heart disease.

  3. No Antibiotics, Artificial Hormones, or Unnecessary Toxins. Our cattle graze on organic pastures and we don’t use antibiotics on our cows because they are naturally healthy from eating their natural diets. We let them grow naturally without artificial hormones so we can provide the best product to you and the people of Western New York.

pastured pork

At Erba Verde Farms, our pigs live out on pasture and move to fresh grass regularly to help them stay clean and healthy. A pastured pig does what God intended for it to do – root, dig, and run. The result is savory organic pork that is well-marbled and darker in color. When we do need to supplement their diet with grain, we use only local grain and whey feed. Pork is available in frozen cuts such as roasts and chops, or as cured/charcuterie offerings like ham, bacon, and sausage.

  1. Pasture-raised pork is better tasting! Once you try the rich taste of pastured pork, you never want to switch back to conventional flavorless pork that is found in stores.

  2. Pasture-raised pork has more nutrients than conventional pork! Our pigs eat roots, grass, bugs, grubs, nuts, and other foods as a part of there natural diet meaning you consume more nutrients when eating pastured pork, including higher Omega-3 Fatty Acids (up to 200% more than convention pork), Vitamin D and E, higher in heart-healthy Mono-unsaturated fats.

  3. Fewer Toxins is always better for your health and the pastured pigs! Erba Verde’s pigs are free from antibiotics since they are much less likely to carry diseases due to their natural, healthy diet and open, clean living environment. The pastured pigs on our farm are never given artificial hormones to speed up their growth; we let nature take its time.

grass-fed milk

The centerpiece of Erba Verde Farms is the milk herd share. We milk Jersey and Jersey/Holstein cross cows because they are well suited for this region and produce creamy, delicious, fresh milk. The cows have access to plenty of fresh water, sunshine, green grass during warmer months, and hay during the winter. We do not feed our cows corn or grain products. Interested in signing up for our herd share? Head over to the contact page and send us a message and we will send you more information.

Great Question! Do you want all of these benefits?

  1. Double the amount of anti-inflammatory Omega 3 Fatty acids than what is found in conventional store bought milk.

  2. Milk that is free from artificial hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides.

  3. High in CLA which has been shown to decrease the risk of cancer and heart attacks.

  4. Real milk taste, the way it was meant to be.

  5. More vitamins, mineral, and enzymes to bring your health to the next level.