Bryan Strzelec has spent his whole life learning farm management while growing up on a dairy farm that his father has run for more than 40 years, earning a degree in animal science from Cornell University, and amassing a management resume that includes two dairies and two restaurants.

Amy Strzelec spent more than ten years as a marketing and advertising executive before moving to the farm, where she has consistently grown the farm’s customer base through smart, well-planned customer communication. Coming from a large Italian family that instilled a life-long love of cooking fresh, delicious food, Amy grows many of her own herbs and vegetables right outside her busy kitchen door.

Together, Bryan and Amy have spent the past seven years raising a family, raising good food, and raising the bar on locally and sustainably produced food in Western New York. Their shared passion for this work finds them visiting and networking with other local farms, reading work by farm-focused author-activists, and extolling the virtues of the bright yellow, sweet cream butter from their farm.

Want to be a farmer? We’re always looking for volunteers to help out with projects around the farm.
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